Umeå University Campus Örnsköldsvik

In Örnsköldsvik, Umeå University runs a Regional Office and an educational facility for 400 students. We are located in the University House in central Örnsköldsvik.

The city of Örnsköldsvik is located in northern Sweden (N 63° lat.) Örnsköldsvik is an expansive town with a strong industrial tradition in manufacturing and export. Many of the companies in the traditional process industry are nowadays highly knowledge-based and future-aiming. The presence of the University and its students is hence encompassed by Örnsköldsvik's working vision of becoming "Worldclass 2015" - competence and education are recognized as important aspects of future Örnsköldsvik.

The good and nurturing environment for higher education gives our students a platform for reaching out and cooperating with companies and the public sector in Örnsköldsvik during their study period. The Regional Office is run by Umeå University's Department for External Relations and part of our mission here is to build bridges between students/academia and the local trade and industry.

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Umeå University Campus Örnsköldsvik
Box 843
SE-891 18 Örnsköldsvik

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Lasarettsgatan 7

Tel:  +46 660-29 25 00

Fax:  +46 660 137 96

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